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How to do if there is a fault in the inlet and outlet pipes of the chamber filter press?

In the use of filter press, the maintenance of various components is necessary, although the water inlet and the water outlet are not very noticeable, but if they have a problem, it will have very serious consequences!

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Firstly, pay attention to whether the filter cloth of the filter press is evenly placed and neat. If the filter cloth is placed unevenly and the edges of the filter plate are not connected by the filter cloth, it is easy to damage the filter plate, which is more likely to cause the entire filter chamber not sealing well, leading to pressure leakage and causing accidents. 

 Also, pay attention to whether the inlet and outlet pipes are flowing unobstructed to prevent blockage.

 Blockage of the inlet pipeline can cause the filter press to run empty, then pressure to be borne by the filter plates. This may cause all filter plates to rupture in an instant.

Blockage of the filtrate outlet pipe can cause the internal pressure of filter press to continuously increase. When the pressure exceeds that provided by the equipment, the filtered liquid will flow out from the gaps in the filter plate.

Before using our filter press, please kindly read the instructions carefully, also welcome to inquiry, we will help to solve your problems in time.

Post time: May-31-2024