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Why does the diaphragm filter press spray when it is running?

In the daily use of diaphragm filter press, sometimes spray occurs, which is a common problem. However, it will affect the circulation of the diaphragm filter press system, making filtration operations impossible. When spray is serious, it will directly damage the filter cloth and filter plate, increasing the use cost of the enterprise. 


What is the reason for spray of diaphragm filter press?

1.When installing the filter cloth of the diaphragm filter press, wrinkles may appear, which will lead to gaps between filter plates. This is a common reason.

2.It may be caused by the high feed pressure of the diaphragm filter press. Many users do not install a pressure gauge on the feed pipe, which leads to uncontrolled feed pressure. To avoid this situation, it is recommended that users install a pressure gauge on the feed pipe to monitor the feed pressure.

3.The high pressure on the filter plate of the diaphragm filter press is insufficient. When the feed pressure increases, the force between the filter plates will cause the filter plates to diffuse and cause spray.

4.There are debris on the sealing surface of the filter plate, so there is a large gap after compressing the filter plate. Therefore, after removing the filter cake, the sealing surface should be cleaned.

5.The sealing surface of the filter plate has a groove, or the filter plate itself is damaged.

Based on the above 5 reasons, it is not difficult to identify why spray and solve it.

Post time: May-01-2024