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Best-selling Top Entry Single bag Filter Housing Sunflower Oil Filter

Brief Introduction:

The top-entry type bag filter adopts the most traditional top-entry and low-output filtration method of bag filter to make the liquid to be filtered flow from the high place to the low place. The filter bag is not affected by turbulence, which improves the filtration efficiency and service life of the filter bag. The filtration area is generally 0.5㎡.

Product Detail

Drawings And Parameters

✧ Product Features

Filtration precision: 0.3-600μm
Material selection: Carbon steel, SS304, SS316L
Inlet and outlet caliber: DN40/DN50 flange/threaded
Maximum pressure resistance: 0.6Mpa.
Replacement of the filter bag is more convenient and quicker, the operating cost is lower
Filter bag material: PP, PE, PTFE, Polypropylene,polyester, stainless steel
Large handling capacity, small footprint, large capacity.

Best-selling Top Entry Single-bag Filter Housing Sunflower Oil Filter

✧ Application Industries

Paint, beer, vegetable oil, pharmaceutical use, cosmetics, chemicals, petroleum products, textile chemicals, photographic chemicals, electroplating solutions, milk, mineral water, hot solvents, latex, industrial water, sugar water, resins, inks, industrial wastewater, fruit juices, edible oils, waxes, and so on.

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