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Chamber/PP Filter Plate

✧ Product Features

1. Modified and reinforced polypropylene with a special formula, molded in one go.
2. Special CNC equipment processing, with a flat surface and good sealing performance.
3. The filter plate structure adopts a variable cross-section design, with a conical dot structure distributed in a plum blossom shape in the filtering part, effectively reducing the filtration resistance of the material.
4. The filtration speed is fast, the design of the filtrate flow channel is reasonable, and the filtrate output is smooth, greatly improving the working efficiency and economic benefits of the filter press.
5. The reinforced polypropylene filter plate also has advantages such as high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, acid, alkali resistance, non-toxic, and odorless.
Chamber PP Filter Plate1
Chamber PP Filter Plate2

✧ Application Industries

Widely used in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, oil refining, clay, sewage treatment, coal preparation, infrastructure, municipal sewage, etc.

✧ Models

630mm×630mm; 800mm×800mm; 870mm×870mm; 1000mm×1000mm; 1250mm×1250mm; 1500mm×1500mm; 2000mm×2000mm