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Bag filter structure and working principle

Junyi bag filter housing is a kind of multi-purpose filter equipment with novel structure, small volume, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, high efficiency, closed work and strong applicability.


In the housing, the stainless steel filter basket supports the filter bag.
Under the action of pressure, the raw liquid passes through the filter bag, the solid particles are intercepted by the filter bag remain in the filter bag. The filtrate flows out out the filter housing, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration.


We can customize different filter housings according to use’s requirements. Such as carbon steel bag filter housing, SS single bag filter housing, SS multi bag filter housing, multi-stage filter system, filter bag, etc.

Working Pressure Setting Security filter ≤0.3MPA (Design Pressure 0.6MPA)
Conventional bag filters≤0.6MPA (Design Pressure 1.0MPA)
High pressure bag filter≤1.0MPA (Design Pressure 1.6MPA)
Temperature <60℃ ; <100℃ ;<150℃; >200℃
Material of filter housing Carbon steel, SS304, SS316, PP, Duplex SS2205
Surface treatment Painting, Sandblasting, Mirror polishing
Material of sealing ring NBR, Silica gel, Fluororubber, PTFE
Flange standard HG, ASME B16.5, BS4504, DIN, JIS
Inlet outlet position Side in side out, side in bottom out, bottom in bottom out
Material of filter bag PP, PE, PTFE ,Nylon net, Steel wire mesh
2# Filter bag size Φ180*810mm (7”×32”)

We can also produce according to user’s drawings.
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Post time: Apr-16-2024